Wine Bridge Imports

Wine Bridge Imports

Contact: German Bistue
Phone: 530-574-1159
PO Box 2272
Davis CA 95617

Our Strategy
We aim to build solid long-term relationships with wholesalers and continuously search for outstanding unique wines.

Passion for wine
We bring into the United States only those wines that exceed our expectations. We travel to the wine regions several times during the year and keep a close and personal relationship with our partner wineries, especially during the harvest season. We taste future releases from the barrels and tanks, and work together to bring the best possible value in every vintage. Our entry level wines are not aged in oak, and show the pure and typical expression of each varietal’s fruit. Our Premium, Super Premium and Icon lines have different oak aging times and types of barrels, adding wonderful and intense layers of flavors and aromas to the wines and increasing their aging potential. In each of our wines you will find an excellent representative of its region and its grape varietals. Visit our “Wines” section to see full descriptions and images of our wines.

It is our goal to building long-term relationships with distributors. We offer a transparent and profitable business, providing our support in each-and-every step of the distribution chain. We travel every month to different states and work with distributors, retailers and restaurants. We also organize events, incentive programs with distributors, and promote our wines at the top wine fairs throughout the year.

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