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Volunteer Requirements
  • Volunteers must work a minimum of 6-7 hours to receive a pass to either Lamb-Aprés, Mountain Top or receive credit for their non profit.
  • Volunteers must send in all paperwork and attend a mandatory one-hour training session either Monday April 3rd, 2017 from 5:30pm-6:30pm or Tuesday April 4th, 2017 from 11:00am-12:00pm
  • Additionally, volunteers may be required to attend meetings that are specific to their committee prior to the event. The volunteer training will be held at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort.
  • Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Volunteers must have a valid email address to submit an application.

Volunteer Selection Process

Response to the Volunteer Program for the Taste of Vail is always incredible. All applicants are important to us and we try our best to be fair about the selection process. Volunteers are chosen by the following criteria:

  • Applicant has volunteered in the recent past.
  • How many years an applicant has volunteered.
  • Applicant's past performance as a volunteer.
  • How early the applicant submits his/her online volunteer application.
  • Background and ability levels.

Volunteer Brief Descriptions Of Jobs

Position: Grand Tasting Volunteer
Available Positions: 9
Time Frame: 2017-04-08 09:00:00 - 2017-04-08 23:30:00
9:00am Volunteers arrive, meet in Grand Ballroom after dropping off coats and purses in room behind Taste of Vail volunteer room. Volunteers will be able to keep things in here, room will remain locked but there will be quite a few keys available

9:30am – 3:00 pm Signage will be hung by Sign Volunteers, Coordinators will organize exact location within the Zone and Signage crew will accomplish the task.

11:00am - 4:00pm Volunteers move wine from storage to assigned locations. Usually need 4 carts (Old bell carts are actually the best for this) this team is labeled “Wine”.

11:00am - 4:00pm Volunteers move water & beer into place. I believe the beer will actually be delivered the day of to the loading dock.

9:30am - 3:00pm Volunteers distribute bus tubs, plates, service wear, napkins etc. Also to polish wine glasses & Set out - Section Set-up staff by zone and polishers will do this.

1:00pm – 4:45 pm Volunteers manage loading dock area. Work with restaurants to ensure all are loading in and moving at a quick pace.

Volunteers will staff the Vail Mountain Marriott Loading dock doors to make sure all chefs unload and take their cars away to park in parking. The restaurants will be assigned a specific time and load in must be complete by 4 pm and to be set & totally ready by 4:45.

2:00pm – 4:30 pm Chef/Vendor Load In including Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea

3:00pm Volunteers Begin to ice wine, beer & water as needed this is done by wine crew & zone coordinators by zone.

4:00 - 4:30pm Winemakers arrive, their product is already in place, volunteers direct them to assigned locations.

5:00pm Security Staff arrives and will take control of several security points, Volunteers will maintain control/presence of others. Detailed maps will be given out the day of the event.

5:00pm Winemakers & Chef's begin service to PR, Sponsors, Press & VIP. Winemakers & Chefs meet & greet to find good pairings before the general attendees arrive.

5:00 - 5:45 Coat Check & Will Call areas open to general attendees. (downstair entrance to Grand Ballroom)

5:45pm We may begin to allow general attendees into event, all will be funneled through.

6:00pm - 9:00pm Event in full swing – The auction will have a more detailed schedule Lisa Martin is in charge of the Auction.

Volunteers remain responsible for:

• Coat Check
• Will-Call
• Front Entrance Arrival & Wristbands
• Main Stair Access
• Water Stocking
• Polishing & Wine Glass Stocking and Restocking
• Beer station restocking
• Restocking Restaurant & Winemaker needs


• Clearing Tray Jacks & Trash
• Replacing Spit Buckets
• Re-washing wine glasses & delivering to hallway between

Flame and hallway between two ballrooms

• Security & Life Safety

Please ensure that all jobs are being done.

9:00pm - 10:00pm Event Wind down, wine service will be phased out, coffee & water will remain. By 9:30 wine will begin to be pulled.

9:00pm Chef's will begin breakdown & load out through the Loading dock.

9:30pm Event is over and the guests should be done with all beverages.

Volunteers to collect wine and take to Fulford Room Volunteers to take down signage and store gold poles in zip tied groups of 5 in the Ballroom.

11:30pm all clean up should be done

Saturday Event Parking
If you are working the 9:00 am-4:00 pm shift you can park at the structure, or across the street at the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District. Carpooling is encouraged. Those of you scheduled at 3:30 pm- 10:30 pm should plan to park in the Lionshead structure (free) or if space at the Eagle River parking lot and walk to the Vail Mountain Marriott.

Event Attire:
Ladies should wear either a knee to mid-calf length skirt or dress or dress pants and blouse. Men should wear dress pants with a jacket or dress shirt keeping in mind they may need to remove their jacket when they are moving things. Shoes need to be comfortable, as all volunteers will be doing a fair amount of walking.

When do I need to arrive?
Please plan to meet at the Vail Mountain Marriott at 9:00 am or 3:30pm ready to work. Report at that time to Grand Ballroom downstairs. We will have a room for you to change and put your items, which will be behind the registration desk. Please be aware there will be many people in an out of the area.

What do I wear to Volunteer?
Set-up Volunteers (9:00am) should arrive dressed to schlep stuff, jeans, t-shirt, layers, comfortable (Tennis) shoes.

Once set-up is concluded, usually around 4:30 pm, volunteers arrive in “Event Attire” and assigned meet & greet duties including meeting sponsors & winemakers to make sure their product is correct, greeting guest and general troubleshooting until the event officially starts at 5:00pm. (first hour is press, sponsors)

How do I get my Lamb & Picnic or Rose Tickets?
I will have your tickets at the Meeting Monday, March 3rd, 2017 from 5:30- 6:30PM or Tuesday, April 4 th, 2017 from 12:00-1:00PM at the Vail Mountain Marriott near ballroom. Please try to be at one of these meetings to go over the job description for this year.

Event Ticketing- you will receive an eventbrite ticket via email. Please ensure we have your email that you can use to either bring on your phone or print out a paper copy of your volunteer ticket.

Wednesday afternoon I will take any Rose’ tickets to the Registration will call at the Lionshead Arrabelle Ballroom at about 2:45 pm if I have not heard back from you.

Thursday afternoon I will take any Lamb tickets to the Registration Tent at the at about 2:45 pm if I have not heard from you regarding your lamb bracelet.

The picnic ticket does not include a ski pass; you will need to use your ski pass for the gondola. If you do not have a ski pass and need a foot pass, let me know in advance as I have access to a limited number of them.

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